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A little about
Clay it Forward

Hello and Welcome! I'm clay enthusiast Laura Souyoultzis.

The name Clay It Forward refers to my interest in bringing clay projects to kids in schools. Often are the stories of years past when young students have a dedicated Art teacher and project time dedicated for learning and making with new tools like clay and glaze. 
I will bring clay and tools to a classroom and take their project home to fire in my kiln.

As a mom who manages the home, I wear many hats. My love for making and creating is STRONG! With a University degree in Art and Art History, I have a strong foundation in ceramics. I've been able to continue that education at community studios and self exploration at my home studio. 

Managing time between making and home needs is a constant work in progress- and depending on how I work with clay, it can need attention on its own time! 

I love making pieces that have layers and visual depth. Texture, images, stamping, carving, abstract painting, are all favorites.

The possibilities to change every aspect from piece to piece by choosing a different clay body, different making method, different glazes - is all very exciting and fresh.



All services are booked over email for an agreed date, time and location.

Contact Laura today to discuss how you would like to have your own experience with clay.  

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