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Mug workshop ideas

At the end of a recent workshop I asked the attendees if they had any immediate feedback or questions, thoughts and one person suggested sending out a link to some photos for inspiration ahead of time.

That's a great idea because I agree the most time-consuming part in the workshop is thinking of ideas

For example, have you thought about what size handle you find comfortable or would you like to try a fun new design that's not based on comfort?

When thinking about design, do you like a linear pattern or more abstract?

Maybe you want to build on the clay and add a feature

Adding underglaze transfers is always a favorite part for everyone. The selection is a wide range of images and will vary from class to class based on availability.

I am often asked where I buy my transfers from.

These are specifically underglaze transfers, and not over glaze decals, which is a different product and it's fired at a different temperature.

The images shared, are the property of the individual makers and are used for inspiration purposes and education only.

I currently teach this workshop in Renton, Ballard, and Bothell and I can accommodate small groups of 4 to 6 in my Roosevelt Studio.

Mugs are fired, glazed clear and fired again. They are ready for pickup 4 weeks from the workshop date at the original workshop location.

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