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My viral TikTok

It's been 48hrs since I posted a 40 second video sharing a method making plates from a slab of clay and using a slump mold.

As of this writing the video has 54.5k views and over 1700 likes.

I've had videos with views into the thousands in the past. But just a few. This particular video hasn't brought hoards of shoppers, but it has broadened my audience a great deal.

I've been working towards the goal of having 1,000+ followers for a while now in hopes that I can stream LIVE on TikTok while I'm making work or unloading the kiln, etc.

When I first started hearing about TikTok, I admittedly did not want to get involved because as a Maker and Creator I did not have the bandwidth to take on another platform beyond Instagram, hanging onto Facebook, primarily using Etsy, and needing my own website. It's really all too much.

My first video was posted July 2020. My teenage son was a great encourager and gave me some basic tips with #fyp and #abc - Whatever those mean!

So, I dabbled and posted on occasion.

One thing that helped me to the next step was a brief workshop hosted by Etsy and TikTok and I started using some of the techniques. I'm not one to show my face and talk to the camera, but I am getting more comfortable with voiceover. I'm using hashtags (which don't seem to work on Instagram, but do on TikTok), fun background music (I like choosing an emerging Artists) and that "action item" asking people to follow you etc.

Here's the video... currently at 57.5k views :)

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